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Heading East from the city centre towards the neighbouring state of Pahang, we will be entering the oldest Tropical jungle in the world known as Taman Negara or National Park. Offering an abundance in terms of flora and fauna and practically unaffected by the ice age as it is situated in the equator, participants will be able to see and experience an authentic forest setting, all with a drive of approximately 3 hours from the city.


  • Boat ride up and down the Pahang river, to reach the main lodge area of the resort within the forest. Here clients will be able to feel a breezy and cool ride along the river, with a high chance to spot a couple of fish species bred naturally within the thick virgin forest.

  • Take a stroll along the 500 meters long canopy walkways, nested in between the tall trees and shaded from direct sunlight, viewers will be able to see birds and a few other animals roaming freely within the forest.

  • Nest up to waterfall area of Lata Berkoh, where participants will have a chance to dive into the cool clear river of Taman Negara.

  • Summing up the day's activity, clients will be offered tea in the version of the local favourite, the stretched tea or known locally as teh tarik at the floating restaurant of the resort.

Items to bring:
Spare change of clothes and shoe for water activities

DepartPick-Up TimeDurationTour Operations Min 2 pax up
7.30 a.m.Between 7.15 a.m.8 hrs


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