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An ideal holiday for nature lovers.

Kuala Lumpur is also known as a Garden City and which truly lives up to its name. Testimony to this is the Lake Garden. Its colourful and beautifully landscaped parks and gardens have enchanted many nature lovers. These parks and gardens are a favourite retreat in the city for visitors and locals alike. Visitors are impressed with the city streets that are neatly lined with ornamental plants, shrubs and tropical trees. Even the roundabouts in the city are well shrubbed.


  • Lake Garden

    Over 90 hectares of undulating greenery, interspersed with flowering shrubs and shady trees. The magnificent Orchid & Hibiscus Garden, Bird Park, Butterfly Park and Asean Garden are located within the serene and scenic Lake Garden.

  • Bird Park

    Sprawled over 3.2 hectares, this park has over 130 species of the world's most exotic birds. Bird lovers can have a field day watching some 5,000 birds perching and winging about freely. Take a stroll through the park and see the colourful Hornbills, Mynahs, Storks, Cockatoos, Peacocks Crowned Pigeon, etc. Enjoy the pleasant coos and whistles of bird song.

  • Orchid and Hibiscus Garden

    Over 800 species of exotic orchids are grown here. The orchid is among the largest of any singly plant family. Some common species and hybrids such as Aranda, Vanda, Aranthera and Mokaras are found here. The Hibiscus Garden will fascinate you as varieties of rare and exotic blooms ranging from single petals to multiple petals can be found here.

  • Butterfly Park

    Opened in 1992, this park houses over 5,000 butterflies of over 120 species. An interesting insectarium will educate you on the different kinds of insects found in the tropics.

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