Keynote Speakers

Plenary Forum 1 Speakers

Preparing Graduates for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Plenary Forum 2 Speakers

Current Status, Challenges and Future Direction of Engineering Technology & Technical Education

Special Sessions

Session 1: Integeneration Panel (SPEED)

Session 2: STEAM Education: Developing the Talent Pipeline

Session 3: Quality Assessment

Session 4: Entrepreneurship in Engineering Education

Session 5

Session 6: Exploring Grand Challenge & UN sustainable Development Goals Alignment as Global Engineers

Session 7: Career Promotion Pathways in Academia

Session 8: Initiating and Sustaining Transformations and Change in Engineering Education

Session 9: Women in Engineering

Session 10: The Potential of Emerging Technologies in Engineering Education

Session 11: Effective Learning in Engineering Education

Session 12: University-Industry Collaboration

Session 13: Discipline-based Engineering And Science Education Community

Session 14: Technology-Enhanced Learning

Session 15: Multi-Disciplinary Service Learning & Community Involvement

Session 16: Quality And Mobility Of Engineers And Technologists

Session 17: World Class University, Quality, Accreditation & Ranking

Session 18: Design & Innovation

Session 19: Exploring Engineering Education Research, Publication and Networking

Session 20: Intersociety Working Group on Society Management


Workshop 1: Developing Integrated STEM Education Activities

Workshop 2: Evaluation (or Analysis) of the Efficiency of Online Experimentation in Engineering Education

Workshop 3: Complex Problem Solving: Supporting Students Systematically Using Cooperative Problem Based Learning (CPBL)

Workshop 4: Entrepreneurship in Action - Beyond Technology Development and Entreprenuership 101

Workshop 5: Industrie 4.0

Workshop 6: Introduction to TRIZ

Workshop 7: Knowledge Discovery Made Accessible? An Interactive Session for Data Mining Student Records

Workshop 8: Acquiring the 21st Century Competencies through Design Based Learning in Engineering Education



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