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Creating Reflection Activities for Engineering Education

Creating Reflection Activities for Engineering Education

Jennifer Turns, Ph.D.
Cynthia J. Atman, Ph.D.

Reflection activities offer a unique opportunity to improve learning in engineering education. The Consortium to Promote Reflection in Engineering Education (CPREE) is a coalition of 12 institutions from across the U.S. including 4 research universities, 4 associates-degree granting institutions, and 4 teaching-focused colleges. The goal of the consortium has been to study and promote reflection in engineering education through a focus on the use of reflection activities in engineering education contexts.

In CPREE’s first year, we documented 120 reflection activities used by engineering educators. These activities are available of the CPREE website as reflection field guides ( In the second year, we extended the use of reflection activities on all 12 campuses. Educators on the campuses made use of reflection activities in their teaching, and we counted the number of times that students were asked to engage in reflection. We documented over 81,000 student reflection experiences in our second year. Our preliminary evaluation results suggest this intervention has had impressive multi-level impact on the campuses of our diverse institutions.

In this workshop we will build on the documented CPREE reflection activities, as well as our experience working with educators to integrate reflection activities into their teaching. Specifically, workshop participants will

  1. examine reflection activities that have been conducted by engineering educators,
  2. explore strategies for choosing a reflection activity to integrate into teaching practices,
  3. practice adapting a reflection activity to one’s own teaching practice, and
  4. identify possible ways to use reflection activities in upcoming teaching.


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