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Workshop on Integrating Design and Service-Learning/Community Engagement within the Engineering Curriculum


2-day Workshop on Integrating Design and Service-Learning/Community Engagement within the Engineering Curriculum

By Prof. Dr. William Oakes
Director, EPICS Program for Purdue University

Service-learning, also called community engagement, offers many benefits for students and faculty including enhanced learning of fundamental engineering skills as well as the broader professional skills needed in today's global economy. It also offers opportunities for deeper learning about ourselves and the communities in which we live. Additionally, connecting engineering with human, community and environmental needs can increase interest in engineering and the diversity within engineering programs.

Today's technology offers exciting opportunities to improve the lives and environment for many people and service-learning is a way to bring these benefits to underserved people in our communities. Successful programs have shown that undergraduates with appropriate mentoring and curricular scaffolding can make significant impacts in their communities around the world. Successful programs have also demonstrated that these experiences can be integrated into the engineering curriculum and can help meet program goals and accreditation. Students participating in these kinds experiences have been shown to be better prepared for leadership in industry.

This workshop will introduce the concepts of service-learning/community engagement within the engineering context. Participants will be actively engaged in exploring opportunities within their own universities and colleges using successful programs as examples. The workshop will provide the information, tools, and resources needed to start a program. Participants will be guided through exploration of the components needed for successful programs and each will leave the workshop with a plan for implementing the concepts at their own institution.

Who should attend?

  • Current and future faculty and instructors and partners interested in:
  • Design Thinking
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Multidisciplinary Teaming and Leadership
  • Service-Learning and Community Engagement (local, national or global)
  • Professional Preparation for Engineers
  • Student Engagement and Retention
  • Diversity
  • Sustaining Design Projects Across Multiple Semesters or Years
  • Initiating and Sustaining Curricular Change
  • Assessing Multidisciplinary Design Teams and Project-based Learning

Tentative Schedule

Friday, 17 November 2017
  • Introduction
    • What does Service-Learning/Community Engagement look like?
  • Break
  • Professional Preparation
  • Design
  • Student Teams and Leadership
  • Lunch Break
  • Human Centered Design
  • Break
  • Human Centered Design

Saturday, 18 November 2017
  • Community partnerships and service-learning/Community Engagement
  • Break
  • Value proposition
  • Research findings
  • Lunch Break
  • Questions and Discussion
  • Create plans and poster
  • Break
  • Poster session, feedback and closure



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